Corporate Culture

China National Bluestar (Group) Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture Concept

Bluestar was established by Ren Jianxin and seven other young people in 1984. In the past three decades, Bluestar has developed into famous chemical companies in China through the hard work of all employees inspired by the spirit of the company founders. Bluestar has formed corporate culture through many years’ development.

Corporate Philosophy:

Increase Values for Shareholders, Create Job Opportunities for Society

Behavior Philosophy:

Human Effort is the Decisive Factor

Outlook on talents:

Everything is good for something.

Outlook on quality:

Product quality is as important as people's morality.

Outlook on culture:

Keep an open mind, strive for excellence.

Outlook on human resource management:

Loyalty counts most.

Outlook on money:

Money is rewarded with recognition from society, for one's diligence and intelligence.

Outlook on development:

Development always goes before profit distribution.

Outlook on interpersonal relationship:

A hedge between keeps friendship green.

Outlook on life:


Outlook on justice and interests:

The disdain goes to those who forsake principle for profit.

Outlook on sales:

Presence decides sales, market grows with hard work and sweat.

Outlook on success and failure:

Details determine success.

Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Development vision:

Global advanced company of green energy saving electrolysis technology

Development strategy:

Professionalization, Engineering, Service, Internationalization

Behavior Philosophy:

Passion, Innovation, Responsibility, Accountability, Teamwork

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