Research and Development

Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical machinery Co., Ltd. has a professional research and development team with strong technical force. Now there are 220 technicians,including 120 research staff, 40 with senior titles, 5 doctors and 35 masters.

In recent years, the company worked jointly with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Beijing University of Technology in establishing “researching center of new type electrode of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer”, “engineering technology research center of carbon fiber composite material” and “joint research center of advanced manufacturing process and technology”, founded a technology innovation system of industry-academy-research partnership.

BCMC successively undertook the project of “Oxygen cathode technology of high-efficient and energy-saving type ion membrane eletrolyzer” in the National “863 Program” Guiding Plan of Exploring Advanced Energy Technology Field. Based on this research result, the company has undertaken the technical project of “the model project of development and production of high-efficient and energy-saving type ion membrane eletrolyzer” in Beijing Technology Plan.

BCMC paid much attention to technology input, R&D input proportion to annual turnover was raised year and year. By the end of 2018, has owned 129effective patents, including 76 invention patents. “Bipolar ion membrane electrolyzer industry standard” formulated by BCMC was approved by the National Development and Reform Committee, and was carried out from April 1st 2008. The industry standard of “steel chelate resin column” and “monopolar ion exchange electrolyzer” was carried out from July 1st, 2012.

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